People grow. things change.

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ccc for life.

happy hearty day!

Dear Friends and family,

After months of preparation and hundreds of emails, hearty Magazine has finally launched. The women's streetwear industry is finally a little less empty and now has a whole lot of heart-y. Thank you to all of those who have already vistited the site, those who have contributed, and those who will support day by day, month to month.

Hearty will have daily news updates, monthly features, and blogs written by a gang of amazing women who are all very influential and inspiring to us all.

Please bookmark us, tell a friend, leave us comments.


Mira Catherine
Heart of Fashion

we are all busy...

and I know this girl is, but somehow she still blogs the cutest blogs. Go check out plaid, bunnies and the planet, you'll smile.


Hi there,
My poor little Cupcake Chronicles... I have pushed it to the side. I kinda have taken a break from my multiple posts a day; sorry if I am letting anyone down. Things have just gotten busy. Every extra moment I have I am working on this:Look out for Hearty Magazine launching April 1st.

lionel richie all night long rock de los 80

I woke up with this in my head, So I've been dancing around to it for the last 30 mins. It will instantly put you into a good mood. AND, this youtube is amazing.
Happy Thursday.

bourdon: nom masculine

1. Insecte hyménoptère gros et velu [Zoologie]. Anglais: bumblebee

2. Grosse cloche à son grave. Synonyme : Cloche

3. Ton grave, basse de certains instruments, notamment l’orgue [Musique]

4. Long bâton de pèlerin. Synonyme bâton.

I wish...

The Compliments of Carnation Ice Cream paper doll was my friend.and that this was her dog:

on an other note...

The rest of the Spring 09 line is great!:


I like Keep, I think they are adorable, but... come on... you should have tried a little harder.
Maybe a cantaloupe? Honeydew melon?

je m'appelle fifi lapin.

The new Artist in Residence for Le Sportsac is Fifi Lapin, these are her designs:She is a little socialite bunny and has pretty much taken over the fashion world. She is an only child and is spoiled by her parents. Elle Magazine say's she is the world's most stylish bunny.
I love her. Check out her blogs here and here .
Fifi in Anna Sui on her trip to Bali.
My favorite Chuck Norris joke was said on Chom this morning: In his free time Chuck Norris knits sweaters; and by "knit", I mean "kick", and by "sweaters", I mean "babies".

shoes shoes shoes... shoes shoes shoes...

I got these waiting for me to pick up this afternoon. Vans Chain and Cog Bike Pack... I like the ripstop :)